There are so many reasons to love the Outer Banks of NC. So many in fact that we had to narrow the list down to only the top 7 reasons. We could probably keep going on for page after page but this should get you started. Feel free to add your addicting reasons after you’ve spent a vacation or two on the island.

1. Corolla Wild Horses

There are only 3 places to see wild horses on the east coast of the United States and 2 of them are located on the Outer Banks: Corolla and Ocracoke. Just imagine vacationing in a beautiful beach home, watching the ocean waves roll in and see wild horses roaming around your yard. Amazing! The Wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs date back almost 500 years ago and still live on the Outer Banks today. Vacationers in the 4WD beach area of Corolla can witness firsthand the beauty of these magnificent creatures. The wild horses can appear at any time. Watch for them at the edge of the ocean, along shaded sandy streets or in the backyards of rental cottages. But please be sure to quietly observe these animals in their natural habitat.

2. Sunsets and Sunrises

The Outer Banks of North Carolina has some of the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Photographers of all levels come to the Outer Banks for a chance at a one in a million photograph. There are too many places to name for great scenic sunrise and sunset photographs but here a few of the top places to visit while vacationing to get some truly killer photos.

  • Jockey’s Ridge State Park – Hike to the top of the highest sand dune on the east coast for breathtaking sunsets. The views are so spectacular that the park’s most popular program is Sunset on the Ridge which is held nearly every summer evening at the top of the sand dune.
  • Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse – Although it’s a small lighthouse and most vacationers miss it, it’s definitely worth the drive into Downtown Manteo. When the sun sets over the sound, the colors reflected onto the lighthouse are just outstanding!
  • Jennette’s Pier – Although this is a popular fishing destination, it is also an exceptional place for sunrise photos over the ocean. Stand at the front to get the pier in the photograph, walk to the end to get only the ocean or walk underneath to get the pier pilings and ocean waves crashing with the sunrise in the background. All are worthy shots!
  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse – Even during the summer months, the beach around Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is very unpopulated. You will be able to snap some beautiful photographs of the sun rising over the ocean with the lighthouse and beach in the background.
  • Oregon Inlet – Just imagine the most beautiful sunset photographs with the colors of the sunset bouncing off of fishing boats lined up in the marina. These are the sort of photographs you will get from Oregon Inlet.

3. Ideal for Weddingsbeach wedding

The Outer Banks of North Carolina ranks as one of the top destination wedding places in the country. Known for its beautiful scenic venues and beach front weddings, the area is sure to deliver an unforgettable wedding, one of a kind wedding photos and a vacation for all or your wedding party and guests. The Outer Banks has a massive array of wedding professionals to assist you in planning the perfect wedding. Each town is filled with exceptional caterers, delicious bakeries, amazing photographers, stylish florists and so much more. It will no doubt be an memorable event for all parties.

4. Soundside Watersportsjet skis

You name it and the Outer Banks probably offers it. From waverunners to kayaks to parasailing and kite boarding. There is a watersport for every age and skill level. Take a kayak tour of the sound and marshes for a relaxing time. If you are looking for more of an adventure, try kiteboarding or windsurfing. Don’t know how to do any of these, no problem. The Outer Banks watersports companies give lessons for all skill levels. Come to the OBX and experience something new!

5. Fishing

Vacationers and fishermen come from all over the country to fish the waters of the Outer Banks. Because of the islands location at the confluence of the Labrador Current and the Gulf Stream, there are an array of fish good for both eating and releasing. There are several different types of fishing on the island. Charter a boat to go off-shore fishing or in-shore fishing, pier fish off one of the many piers along the islands coast, cast a line off the shore or even rent a kayak and fish from the kayak. Fishing the Outer Banks is a year round sport and a fisherman’s paradise.

6. Pets on the Beach

The Outer Banks is known for family vacationing, including Fido! The beaches of the Outer Banks are dog friendly and it’s easy to find a vacation rental home that will allow dogs too. More than half of Shoreline OBX’s vacation rentals homes allow up to 2 dogs. Although you can bring the family dog any time of year, the best time of year for your dog is the spring or fall when they can run along the shoreline and enjoy the fresh air and wide open beaches. Each town has its own regulations so be sure to find out the leash laws and dog friendly hours before choosing a vacation spot.

7. The Weather

Although the Outer Banks is not sunny and 80 year round like Aruba, it does have some excellent year round weather. During the peak summer months the average temperature is only 85 degrees and low humidity. Plus, there is always a breeze along the beaches to keep you cool. Want to visit in the fall when the beaches are less crowded. The average September temperature is 81 and the average October temperature is still 71 degrees with water temps averaging 75 degrees.