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When it comes to inspiring and undeniably breathtaking vacation destinations, the Outer Banks of North Carolina has a way of topping many travelers lists year after year. Featuring over 100 miles of stunning shorelines to explore as well as rich waters preserved by the National Park Service, this location is a dynamic one that’s well worth exploring and enjoying year-round. Here, it’s entirely possible to spend all of your time soaking up the sun from a place with soft golden sands. Visitors can also enjoy time spent exploring sand dunes, grassy landscapes, and areas where wild horses still roam in abundance! 

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For generations, the Outer Banks has beckoned to travelers looking for a place that pairs charming town life with history, nature, and endless beauty. Far from the flashing lights of larger cities, the Outer Banks boasts a captivating collection of natural landmarks and lush terrain that makes for an unforgettable adventure with every visit. While the team at Shoreline OBX has long been passionate about sharing the beauty of the Outer Banks with our guests, in 2022, the word is getting out as Travel + Leisure named OBX the most beautiful destination in the state! 

OBX Honored for its Beauty and Charm 

The team at Travel + Leisure is known for having a way with pinpointing those places and destinations that truly stand out in a crowd. They often take time to closely examine those locales that would certainly enrich a traveler’s experience with every visit. This year, the Outer Banks is proud to have earned the title of North Carolina’s most beautiful destination to visit and explore! The Travel + Leisure Team is quick to acknowledge that picking and choosing the best of the best is no simple task when the U.S. is brimming over with incredible destinations designed by Mother Nature to intrigue the mind and imagination at every turn. That makes the OBX first place award as the most beautiful in the state of North Carolina that much more exciting! For travelers who have returned to the Outer Banks year over year with a passion for all that it offers intact, this designation is confirmation of what they’ve loved all along. For travelers who have never been this way, there’s never been a better time to come and see what Travel + Leisure has noted and excitedly passed onto the public.  

Earning a title as the most beautiful place in North Carolina was the result of a combination of defining factors the Outer Banks enjoys. The Travel + Leisure team referenced the area’s rich colonial history that remains intact as well as the pirate legends and tales that are seamlessly woven into the fabric of OBX life. Early aviators found their wings in the Outer Banks, and this is still an innovation that’s celebrated here today. While historical importance is tantalizing, it’s the wild dunes, golden sands and coastal charm that left Travel + Leisure crowning OBX with its aesthetic title. The article expands on the factors that make OBX such a thrilling locale to set your eyes on and is well worth enjoying! 

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Exceptional and Scenic Stops in the Outer Banks to Explore 

Having the Outer Banks recognized for its beauty by Travel + Leisure is certainly an exciting honor. Travelers looking to experience this destination for themselves will find there is no shortage of options when you’re hoping to maximize the fun and the view. The area is comprised of a collection of historic and charming towns and villages that are quiet, welcoming, and beautiful in equal measure. It’s a popular destination for watersport enthusiasts, anglers, divers, and wildlife watchers alike. Places like Corolla offer up stunning shorelines to enjoy as well as access to wild horse herds that can be observed alongside knowledgeable guides. It’s also home to pristine golf courses and bike paths for those who are looking to take in the scenery on two wheels. 

If small town charm, ocean views and boutique storefronts are more your style, spending time in Duck is sure to inspire. The boardwalk here has one-of-a-kind views of the Currituck Sound that stick with travelers long after they’ve returned home. For those with a heart for history and natural beauty, setting your sights on Kill Devil Hills is sure to please. This beautiful locale was where the Wright Brothers first took flight and is home to popular beaches, dunes, and local and migratory sea birds alike. 

Make Your Way to the Outer Banks 

There’s never been a better time to book your trip to the Outer Banks. When you’re looking for beautiful and luxurious accommodations to match, the team at Shoreline OBX has you covered. Reach out today to learn more about our many options and how we can help you turn those travel plans into a reality.  

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