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Beach Nourishment On The Outer Banks

Beach Nourishment
On The Outer Banks

The sandy beaches that make up the Outer Banks are notoriously beautiful and provide habitats for amazing wildlife to thrive as well. While the beaches of the Outer Banks play a vital role in the landscape, from time to time, they require nourishment in order to maintain their integrity over the long-term. Beach nourishment is an important practice across the Outer Banks when it comes to protecting shorelines, local businesses, and homes as well.

What Is
Beach Nourishment?

At its most effective, beach nourishment results in the widening of existing beaches across the Outer Banks. This is done by having sand pumped into any and all eroding shorelines over a set period of time. Sand that’s added to these shorelines comes from a variety of sources. These may includes offshore borrow sites, nearby sandbars, or sand that’s dredged in from inlets and local waterways.

The Positive Impact
Of Beach Nourishment

Eroding shorelines across the Outer Banks are often caused by rising sea levels. Adding sand to the shorelines not only enhances the width of the beach but combats this erosion process as well. It’s common to hear beach nourishment referred to as soft armoring. Beach nourishment is a viable alternative to more permanent options like the creation of seawalls. There are a variety of positive impacts seen from the results of beach nourishment over time. While beach nourishment is not a long-term solution, it is a proven option that provides strength and protection to the shoreline and nearby properties in the short-term.

Outer Banks
Beach Nourishment Plans

Many Outer Banks municipalities are in the process of scheduling beach nourishment. Every town will have its own project timeline to follow. It’s important to note that during the process of beach nourishment, some construction noise and beach access diversions may be experienced. Typically, adding sand to a set area can be done relatively quickly, resulting in an enhanced shoreline and little disruption to travel plans. Visit for up-to-date information about beach nourishment plans in the area.

Things To Do When Beach Nourishment Is In Process

In the event that travelers find themselves situated near a beach where nourishment is underway during a stay, the Outer Banks offers much in the way of alternative fun! Because beach nourishment happens at different times across different Outer Banks towns, don’t be afraid to venture out and explore new places nearby. With many different beach accesses in the area try a neighboring beach location for some fun in the sun! You’ll be surprised how many options there are….