Behind the rolling sand dunes and wind-swept beaches, the natural beauty of the Outer Banks is waiting to be discovered. For many, the beauty of the area starts with the wild horses of Corolla. Taking some time to explore the Outer Banks’ wildlife is an absolute must. While you’re here, don’t forget to take advantage of our complimentary Vacation Guide. Full of the area’s best restaurants, attractions, and seasonal events, our guide is your key to the perfect beach getaway!

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Where Can You See the Corolla Wild Horses?

About the Corolla Wild Horses

The wild horses in the Outer Banks today are descendants from horses brought over in the 1500s by Spanish explorers. Since then, the population has seen it’s ups and downs as habitats have changed and communities have taken over the Outer Banks.

Today, the horses are protected and preserved thanks to a team of 19 professionals that work for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. This non-profit organization works around the year to make sure that one of Currituck’s best features is around for years to come.

Corolla Wild Horse Tours

While it is possible to see the horses on your own, a guided tour of Corolla is your best chance. You can experience a tour packed with excitement with Corolla Outback Adventures.

Tours take around two hours and encompass everything about the Corolla wild horses. You’ll want to bring sunscreen, water, and your camera on the tour. Be sure to make your reservation ahead of time as the tours can fill up fast!

Other Wild Horses in the Outer Banks

Many wild ponies roam Shackleford Banks near Cape Lookout. These ponies are under protection from the National Park Service, making them prime subjects to observe in their natural habitat. Generally, Shackleford ponies tend to be smaller but are still tons of fun to observe and photograph.

On the northern end of Ocracoke Island, there are 20 “banker” ponies in a fenced-in area that covers over 180 acres. You cannot reach the ponies but can view them on a viewing stand by the fence. If you’re in the area, finding a way to catch a glimpse of the Corolla wild horses is an absolute must!

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