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About Us

About Shoreline OBX

Our goals at Shoreline OBX are based on reputation...not size! We are selective when choosing vacation rental property listings, and we will control our growth! This will enable us to remain preferred by our owners, preferred by our guests and just as important, preferred by our employees!
Our experienced, reliable and committed employees all share the same philosophy. We all live and work at the beach and we are here for the "long haul."

About Shoreline OBX Cont...

We take a hands-on approach with both our homeowners and guests. Through consistent communication, we are able to ensure complete satisfaction.
We give you and your guests the personal attention you both deserve. We do not try to manage hundreds of properties and spread ourselves too thin. We are smaller, and will make certain that each and every concern is handled as quickly as possible to ensure smooth sailing.

Our Mission

In this challenging economy, it is more important than ever to make sure you are maximizing the gross rental potential of your vacation home on the Outer Banks! At the same time, it is also imperative that you know that your investment is being properly taken care of, and that you have complete faith in your vacation management company. It is difficult for large property management companies to achieve both of these goals due to their expansive inventory and constant staff turnover.

Our Mission cont...

However, at Shoreline OBX, we have no problem remaining true to our commitment to take excellent care of your vacation rental property while, at the same time, ensuring our owners are capitalizing on the highest possible rental weeks!
We have access to all of the same tools and resources as the larger companies, but with one advantage that sets us apart - we are small and personable!

Our Mission cont...

We have knowledgeable employees with over 100 years of combined experience, so we know what owners and guests expect from a vacation rental company! You can always count on communicating (via email or phone) with a vacation specialist who is familiar with your property. Stability is something our homeowners can count on. Our owners know that when they call, they are going to able to speak with a trusted specialist who is experienced, professional, accommodating, and efficient.


Meet Shoreline OBX Staff


Kenny Reid

Managing Member


Laura Reid

Guest Services


Tammy Kinser

General Manager


Ashley Wood

Property Manager


Louann Sciortino

Vacation Specialist/Marketing Coordinator


Kim Henriques

Accounting & Shoreline Builders Assistant


Melinda Williams

Housekeeping Manager


Patrick Goller

Maintenance Supervisor


Seth Lawrence

Maintenance Tech