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Interesting Facts About The Outer Banks in North Carolina

Heading to the Outer Banks of North Carolina is an exciting journey no matter what time of year your travel plans bring you this way. While many people come for the stunning shoreline, history, and flavor, half the fun lies in learning something new with every visit! The following are a few of the most interesting facts about the Outer Banks that will make your next adventure this way even more fulfilling.

The Surrounding Waters Hold Mysteries from Long Ago

The waters that surround the Outer Banks are notorious for their ferocity, and as a result, this area has been famous for shipwrecks through the ages. That means that just off the coastline, underwater adventurers can find a collection of ships under the waves, some of which date back to the 16th century. Many refer to this area as the Graveyard of the Atlantic for this very reason. It’s a treasure trove for history buffs and makes for some incredible diving opportunities as well.

It’s a Haven of Lighthouse Exploration

Enjoying the beautiful views is one thing, taking it all in from a historic lighthouse is quite another. When you make time for a trip to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse during your next visit, you’ll enjoy a chance to climb up 12 stories as you stand on an observation deck that graces a lighthouse rising 208 feet into the air! Known as the tallest brick lighthouse in the country, this one is particularly easy to identify thanks to its spiral pattern of black and white exterior stripes.

How Big Is The Outer Banks? It’s Bigger Than You Might Imagine!

How big is the Outer Banks? The Outer Banks spans 200 miles of land altogether and is comprised of 16 towns and villages! This means that there’s never a shortage of shorelines or sensational stops to explore that each come with their own charming appeal. From Duck and Hatteras to Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk, the options make it easy to customize your visit.

You Can See Wild Horses Here!

You read that right. The Outer Banks is known and loved for many things, but it often surprises visitors that this destination is home to herds of wild horses. While these aren’t animals you can approach on your own, there are a variety of guided tours available to be booked that take you to their habitats safely and soundly. They’re amazing creatures that many say have thrived in this area since being left by early explorers!

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