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Roanoke Island Festival Park

While the Outer Banks is a highly regarded beach destination, it also has much to offer in the way of culture and history. Spend your days not only playing along the sandy shorelines, but also taking advantage of the area’s historically significant context. Step back in time at Roanoke Island Festival Park, where visitors experience first-hand what life was like for the first English settlers in the year of 1585. You’ll be greeted by interpreters dressed in period clothing, drawing you in to this distant time in history.

Fun for the Whole Family at Roanoke Island Festival Park

Explore the Elizabeth II ship and the settlement site, where you’ll get a firsthand look at how the settlers lived, worked, and played. Step aboard the floating Elizabeth II ship, where the green and white Tudor flag and the white and red Cross of St. George flag still flutter in the wind. Aboard the ship, history comes alive as you learn how to set the sails, raise the ship’s anchor, and use an astrolabe for navigation.

At the Settlement Site, imagine that you’re one of the English soldiers or sailors as you try on armor, give traditional woodworking a try, play Elizabethan games, or watch the blacksmith fashion his iron wares. Costumed staff throughout all of the Roanoke Island exhibits remain in character while at the same time engaging in visitors in an informative and fun-filled way.

Next explore the American Indian Town, featuring Coastal Algonquian culture and history. Explore the longhouses, try your hand at planting and harvesting, and engage in hands-on activities such as rope making, mat and basket weaving, net mending, food preparation, tanning hides, fishing, boat building, and gathering!

The activities at Roanoke Island Festival Park are at once educational and entertaining, with adults and children learning alongside each other! The park makes a great day trip from the Outer Banks for a day of family fun.

Planning Your Excursion to Roanoke Island Festival Park

Roanoke Island Festival Park is located in the town of Manteo at 1 Festival Park. Park hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 9am-5pm. The admission cost is $8 per person, with children ages 2 and under free of charge.

Enjoy a Culture-Filled Beach Vacation in the Outer Banks!

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