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The Wild Horses of the Outer Banks

When it comes to mesmerizing vacation destinations, the Outer Banks of North Carolina has a way of topping many traveler’s must-visit lists. Complete with pristine beaches, stunning waves and a landscape dotted with delicious restaurants, towering lighthouses and more, it’s easy to get swept up in the beauty of this place that beckons to visitors year-round. While there’s much to admire, one of the most breathtaking features of the Outer Banks is often encounters with the wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs that call this area home. While considered feral, the laid-back ambiance of the Outer Banks provides a serene setting for these animals to graze, live, and thrive on the beaches and alongside the waters and lush surroundings.

History of Outer Banks Wild Horses in This Area

Many historians and experts believe that the history of wild horses in the Outer Banks of North Carolina dates back nearly 500 years to the time of the very first explorers. While some believe that the horses were left behind when explorers and First Nation tribes ended up in battle, others believe that they are the result of surviving English and Spanish shipwrecks that were well-documented during the 1500s in the area. Whatever their authentic roots may be, these wild horses have continued to thrive in a space where development is highly regulated, leaving them plenty of open space to roam and enjoy their island lives to the fullest.

Tours to Take

The welfare of the wild horses in the Outer Banks is very much helped along by the team at The Corolla Wild Horse Fund and it’s through this organization that many tours take place for those visitors to the Outer Banks looking for a safe route to viewing the animals in their natural habitat. While petting, riding, and approaching these horses is clearly illegal, official tours allow guests a way to get a closer look without interfering in their daily patterns. 4X4 vehicles are often the best way to reach those beaches where wild horses congregate and guided tours are the ultimate route to capturing some incredible photographs of them along the way as well.

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