There are myriad ways to see the beauty of the Outer Banks, but one of the best ways is to take Back Country Safari Tours. These tours offer some of the best ways to view the incredible landscape and wildlife for which our area is famous. You’ll see the Corolla horses, have the chance to kayak, or segway through points of interest. These tours are a unique way to see some of the best of the Outer Banks in an unforgettable way. Here’s what you’ll see on Back Country Safari tours in the Outer Banks.

Are you looking for incredible things to do during your Outer Banks vacation? Then, you’re in luck! Here at Shoreline OBX, we want you to have the very best vacation here in the Outer Banks. So, we’ve compiled the best things to do into a convenient Vacation Guide download. This guide is your key to the best OBX vacation you’ve ever had!

Which Back Country Safari Tours Are for You?

Outer Banks Tours, the company that provides Back Country Safari Tours, has a few different options from which to choose your tour. Here, we’ll break them down for you, so you can decide which is best for you.

Corolla Wild Horse Tours

With bloodlines that trace back to horses brought over by the first European explorers, the Corolla horses are one of the most popular attractions in the Outer Banks. Let Back Country Safari Tours take you to them on their Corolla Wild Horse Tours. These magnificent beasts are truly a relic of regional and human history in the region. This is your best chance to see these wonderful creatures up close and personal.

Adults (13+) | $49

Kids (3-12) | $29

Lil’ Tykes (2 and under) | $20

Segway Tours

Traverse the backcountry on a Segway outfitted with off-road, sand tires. You’ll start on the beach and begin your search for the Corolla Wild Horses in the Spanish Mustang Preserve. The tumultuous terrain greets you with an adventure that will be the highlight of your vacation. If you prefer a gentler route, they also offer tours through historic Corolla via Segway.

Adults Only (13+) | $59

Kayak Tours

Navigate waters appropriate to your skill level as you tour the Currituck Sound and local coastal reserves. This is a fantastic way to see the coast and the diverse ecosystems of the Outer Banks. This is the way natives would travel back in the Outer Banks’ undiscovered days.

Adults (13+) | $79

Kids  (5-12) | $47

Plan Your Adventure to the Outer Banks Today

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