When it comes time to find a vacation home, you want a home that offers comfort, luxury, and a certain lifestyle that is the opposite of your everyday life, something that can be difficult in most places, but not when you are seeking a place to stay in the Outer Banks. For that, all you need is someone in your corner, someone who knows the area, a respected opinion in the community, and the desire to provide you with the vacation home and experience of your dreams. For that, you need Shoreline OBX and the wealth of knowledge we provide, and the beautiful homes we offer that are designed to be the most important part of your vacation experience! Respected in all the ways that make vacationing in the Outer Banks special… recently a local news team contacted us, hoping for information and advice on renting properties in the Outer Banks and we were happy to answer their questions!  

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We’ve attached the link to the story above, so you can read/view it yourself, but we thought we would take a few minutes to get into the crux of the story. The Outer Banks has always been a popular vacation destination, offering a serene environment and a pristine beauty, and this year is no exception. As a matter of fact, this year, finding summer vacation rentals is nearly an impossibility as travelers are reveling in the joy of and freedom to travel unrestricted again, and as a result nearly all the vacation rental homes in the Outer Banks are full. This, of course, is distressing to visitors who may have waited a bit too long to book their dream vacation home. When we sat down with the news team, we discussed the issues, but as per our norm, we also discussed some solutions that will help ensure you will get to enjoy an Outer Banks vacation despite it all. And because we want to continue to be the company you turn to for your Outer Banks vacation needs, we would like to share those ideas and recommendations with you below! 

All the Ways 

This first tip may not help your summer vacation this year, but it gives you insight as to what you can do for next year as we predict the situation will continue. Early planning is important, so why not start your search for next year’s summer escape now, especially if the house you need is one of the more popular sizes! The 4-6 bedroom family homes are some of the first to be snapped up, and reservations are already being made for 2023. So, book early as ALL homes are being booked well in advance.  

Tip two… If the cost is prohibitive for your small family, why not see if you have extended family members who are eager to enjoy a beach-style vacation with you! Our larger homes offer up to as many as 10 bedrooms and accommodate up to 24 guests, making a family reunion celebration a legitimate plan and because you are spreading the costs amongst a large group it may just put the property firmly back into your price range! 

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Tip three is to move your summer vacation to the fall months and experience the beauty and serenity of the Outer Banks during the more colorful time of the year. Fall breaks for school are popular and spending a week at the beach in September, October, or even November may end up becoming a new family tradition.   

And finally, if you are the daredevil type and are still holding out hope that you will find an open Shoreline OBX home, don’t give up the search. You may be in luck! We are continuously adding new listings as more and more vacation homeowners are discovering the extent of our local real estate knowledge and choosing us to manage their largest investments. In turn opening up new rentals to the market that have some availability! Please reach out to our friendly team at Shoreline OBX to discuss what homes and dates are available for your 2022 family getaway. 

What to Expect 

The homes we offer are destined to be the ones you wish to call home, albeit on a temporary basis, and if you are persistent, your summer vacation in the Outer Banks is destined to be one you will never forget! Shoreline OBX is proud to be the management company people turn to for comfort, luxury, style, and the answers to all their questions! Reserve your favorite home today and enjoy yet another option, reserving the home of your choice for next summer’s adventures as well! Book your favorite today! 

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