Looking for great attractions in the Outer Banks? There are plenty of great options for everyone when visiting the area. Here are 5 of the best attractions in the Outer Banks.

1. Wright Brothers National Memorial

No trip is complete to the Outer Banks without a stop to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. Located in Kill Devil Hills, the site is open every day out of the year except for Dec. 25, the site commemorates the Dec. 17, 1903 event when Orville and Wilbur Wright became the first to fly. Operated by the National Park Service, visitors can go to the exact site where the flight was held and can see replicas of the glider and flyers. Make sure to add this to your schedule.

2. Beaches

Known for some of the premier beaches in the country, the Outer Banks has plenty of experiences to offer. Head to the pet-friendly beaches in Duck, NC or experience the great surfing in Kitty Hawk. Head to Buxton near Cape Hatteras or camp at Frisco and do some four-wheel driving. Relax or have fun, there’s plenty to do at the beaches in the Outer Banks.

3. Wild Horses

The wild horses of the Outer Banks are a wonderful sight and an amazing thing to experience when visiting the area. The Outer Banks are one of the few areas in the United States that has wild mustangs roaming free. The horses live in the coastal environment and roam the coastline. It’s a truly magical sight to see these majestic horses living free in a scenic environment like the Outer Banks. The horses draw visitors from around the country and the world and have long drawn the imagination of many. Among the places to experience the wild horses include Corolla, Shackleford Banks and Ocracoke.

4. The Elizabethan Gardens

The Elizabethan Gardens offer one of the most unique and wonderful experiences in the Outer Banks. Located on Roanoke Island, the site of where English settlers first landed over 400 years ago, the Elizabethan Gardens honors those settlers who first came to America and are based off the same gardens that were made for Queen Elizabeth I during her reign. Each season brings new wonder to these amazing gardens and this is a must-do activity when visiting the Outer Banks.

5. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

One of the most recognizable lighthouses in the world, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is located on Hatteras Island in the town of Buxton. The lighthouse is iconic for its black-and-white stripes and stands 208 feet tall and is one of the top attractions in the Outer Banks. The beam of light from the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse travels 20 miles into the ocean and was used to help ships navigate the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”. Despite being a popular attraction, there is plenty of room for visitors to come see the lighthouse and climb the steps of this historic landmark.

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