Let’s face it. A home doesn’t feel like a home until it’s decorated the way you want it. When you own a home, finding the perfect color schemes or renovating the kitchen is simply part of the thrill of being a homeowner. When you’re renting, however, there are certain things that you should shy away from. Read below to explore the dos and don’ts of decorating a rental property! If you’re looking for a new home in the Outer Banks, our expert team of realtors is waiting to assist you in the home-buying or selling process. Take one step closer to your beach getaway!

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The Ultimate Guide to Decorating a Rental Property

1. Get Permission

First and foremost, getting written permission from your landlord regarding any changes you might make to the property is imperative. This is the only way to ensure that the property owners will be on board with your proposed decorating plans and prevents them from claiming that they don’t remember authorizing any alterations to the property.

2. Cover the Expenses

This should be a given, but any decorating that you plan to do is an expense that you will have to cover on your own. Never bill the landlord for new furniture or other elements that are not absolutely mandatory. It’s okay to request that the landlord pays for a faulty dishwasher, but the gorgeous window curtains that you saw on Pinterest are going to have to be on your own dime.

3. No Used Upholstered Furniture

It’s tempting to bring home that beautiful ottoman that you found at the local thrift shop, but used items like this can spell an infestation waiting to happen. If you need to buy used furniture, make sure that they are properly cleaned before being brought into the home to prevent any unwanted visitors.

4. Thrifting

Even though used furniture is usually a no, thrift shopping is still a great way to find incredible deals on items that can be used to give your home a unique feel and individualistic charm. Anything from used books, vases, and other accessories are the perfect way to bring a rental property closer to feeling like your home.

5. Painting

Depending on your landlord, painting a rental property is usually flirting with the line between what’s okay and what’s off limits. If you have written permission to paint specific elements of the home, then this is an easy and inexpensive way to really customize your space and make it your own! But, without asking, painting things like the walls, cabinets, or floorboards should be avoided. Try to get the specifics of the painting guidelines written into the lease if you can. That way, there will be no questions asked when you decide that you need a change of color!

6. Change the Lighting

Lighting fixtures are a great way to give your rental home some much-needed vitality. Anything from one-of-a-kind chandeliers to unique desk lamps can be found at any local thrift store or lighting store. Hanging your own lighting is an extremely easy and cost-effective way to accessorize your home. You’ll be suprised by how much of a difference something as minor as lighting can make in your home!

7. Window Treatments

Window treatments are usually never an issue for landlords and are a great way to bring some additional color into a room, especially if you aren’t allowed to paint the walls. If they’re done the right way, window treatments are the perfect DIY option when it comes to spicing up a room!

8. Artwork

If you have your own collection of artwork or have picked up a couple of pieces at your local flea market, this is a great option for wall decorations. Appropriately placed artwork can really lift a room and is even a conversation starter for the right audience! Just make sure the artwork either compliments or matches the room’s color palette and that the pieces are well framed.

9. Go Green

Another no-brainer for home decorating is bringing some little green friends into your home. Just to be clear, we’re talking about plants! There’s no better way to bring life into your new home than with things that are, well, actually alive. You don’t have to be a professional gardener to water your own fresh herbs or flowers in a well-lit area of your home!

10. Don’t Over-Invest

It’s important to remember that, with any rental home, you probably won’t be here forever. So, don’t invest too much time or money in making it the perfect living space. Sure, make it your own and give it the perfect feel for you, but you don’t need to waste money perfecting a home that you are going to eventually leave. Interesting accessories and knick-knacks that you can take with you when you leave are always a good place to start!

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