It’s always an exciting time as the holiday season approaches, especially so if you have children. Preparing to travel as a family during this time fills some with trepidation but North Carolina beach vacations can go very smoothly for those who have planned ahead. Here are some tips for helping with your family’s holiday travel plans:

1. Allow your kids to help with the plans

Traveling with children can be challenging. Order brochures from the Chamber of Commerce ahead of time so they can read (or look at pictures) about where they’re going. It will make them feel more involved in the plans.

2. Design your trip for the whole family

Check online for companies that offer North Carolina beach vacations specifically for families. Talk with your children about what they most want to do to make sure the trip you are planning suits everyone. Consider amenities that we provide for those on North Carolina beach vacations — amenities like indoor/outdoor pools, lazy rivers, kiddie pools and DVDs.

3. Learn about your destination

Go online and study about the location you will be visiting. Look for events and special activities taking place while you’re in the area and make a point to attend.

4. What to pack for your trip

Pack only the things that are necessary for your visit to North Carolina, not forgetting the time spent traveling. Snacks, books, lap games, DVDs, are all things to make the travel time more pleasurable. If you have a long drive, leave an hour or so before the children’s bed time or head out early while they’re more likely to go back to sleep in the car.