The picturesque beaches of the Outer Banks don’t just look like a movie set, they literally ARE a movie set! Experience a piece of movie magic on your next Outer Banks getaway by visiting some of the most iconic spots from your favorite films. Continue reading for more information on movies filmed in the Outer Banks and how to plan your visit! Before you take off, don’t forget to request access to our complimentary Vacation Guide. Our guide is full of information on the area’s best restaurants, attractions, and events, giving you the tools that you’ll need to build an unforgettable vacation!

Movies Filmed in the Outer Banks


This 1983 sci-fi thriller had one of its most important scenes filmed at Kill Devil Hills’ Wright Brothers National Monument. The monument is a prominent feature of the community and, even if you’re not a fan of this sci-fi classic, it’s a must visit. The monument is a testament to the vision and genius of the Wright brothers’ inventions and, like the movie, reminds us of the magical sense futurism that they brought to the minds of the people that were there to experience them for the first time

Nights in Rodanthe

This historic Hollywood blockbuster embodies the beauty and character of the Outer Banks perfectly. There is even a real house called the Inn at Rodanthe in honor of the movie! Even if you don’t get a chance to stay at the Inn, fans of the film will see plenty of iconic spots from the movie if they spend time in the area. Stop dreaming about the perfect Nicholas Spark’s romance and start living it!

Other Movies Filmed in North Carolina

Unsurprisingly, the rolling hills and beautiful beaches of North Carolina are the setting of countless hit films. From Wilmington to Asheville, you’ll find landmarks and attractions that are featured in films such as The Hunger GamesGreen Mile, Forrest GumpHannibal, and more! Movie Buffs have plenty to explore in this one-of-a-kind state! For a full list of movies filmed in North Carolina, check out’s list of feature films in the state. You never know, you’re favorite movie might have been filmed right in your backyard!

Where to Stay in the Outer Banks

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