How’s the surf? Check the OBX Surf Report to see how the waves and the surf conditions are. Each Monday Shoreline OBX will bring you a new video showing you the current outer banks weather. Ashley will inform you of the weekly weather forecast in a brief video. She will also show you the surf and any treasures she has found that morning during her report. Check us out each Monday during the warm months for Shoreline’s OBX Surf Report.

Shoreline OBX can help you find your dream property to rent while coming down for a surf vacation. There is nothing better than heading back to a wonderful home after a great day out on the ocean. If you need a surf board, there are plenty of surf shops to rent or buy your own equipment.

It’s starting to really warm up in the Outer Banks with temperatures settling in the 90’s. There are afternoon storms forecasted for several days in the next week or so. Make sure to check the forecasts before heading out to the beach and making sure you are prepared.

Waves are around knee high with an occasional thigh high wave. Light winds have been reported so far this week, around 5-10 miles per hour. Water temperature is around 75 degrees. Make sure to drink lots of water and stay hydrated when outside this week, due to the very high heat index. Pack sweat proof sunscreen before heading out to surf.

The Outer Banks of NC is the place to be while trying to ride out a heat wave in June! Although temps will be in the 90’s for most of the week, the beach always has a breeze. Plus water temps are finally warm enough to go swimming. Come join us for a great week at the beach!

There are plenty of rentals near great surfing locations throughout the OBX. With so many miles of coastline, most people visiting the area want to stay close to the water so they can enjoy the breathtaking views, sounds and aromatherapy that can only be experienced at the ocean. We have a large assortment of oceanfront vacation homes in locations such as Corolla, Duck, and Kill Devil Hills where all you have to do for a day of fun and excitement is walk down the back steps and stroll across the beach.

Surfing is a long-time passion of many out in the Outer Banks. Come enjoy the great surfing that has made this area famous. If the conditions are not ideal for you to go surfing, enjoy a great day out on the beach at these world class beaches. Along with our OBX surf report, we are happy to provide you with as much information as you need.

Shoreline OBX hopes you find our weekly weather report helpful. Below is the forecast for each day of this week along with a chart showing you the average temperatures and average water temperature. If you are looking for a place to stay on the Outer Banks, let us assist you with our Outer Banks beach vacation quote form. You can also download our free vacation guide and start planning today!