Travel is a fantastic way to get out of the daily routine and indulge in spending time somewhere new and exciting. While travel is often associated with time spent away from the grind making the most of rest and relaxation, it’s also a chance to bring education to life—particularly if you’re traveling with the little ones. When you can’t wait to make the most of an engaging getaway that stimulates the mind while also providing the scenery and excitement you crave, make your way to the Outer Banks of North Carolina this year. It’s a destination that promises to offer up an educational journey and plenty of Outer Banks attractions the entire family will love!

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Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum

On-the-water adventure has long been an integral part of the Outer Banks’s story and those looking to bring maritime legends to life will want to be sure to visit the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum while they’re in the area. Located at 59200 Museum Drive in Hatteras, this museum hosts a wide variety of collections and displays that highlight both underwater and sailing artifacts through time as well as feature stories of ships and people lost at sea. The museum is open to the public between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Saturday and admission is always free.

Corolla Wild Horse Tour

The Outer Banks is home to an amazing array of wild horses that thrive on the beaches of this beautiful destination. While some believe they are the ancestors of horses left behind during the time of settlement, others believe they are the ancestors of those horses that survived shipwrecks and swam to shore hundreds of years ago. Whatever story rings true, they’re incredible to observe in their natural habitat, and visitors to Corolla can do exactly that by booking a Corolla Wild Horse Tour during their visit. Alongside a knowledgeable guide, guests can get up close and safely observe the horses while learning more about their inspiring origins too. Corolla Wild Horse Tours is headquartered at 1210 Ocean Trail in Corolla.

Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education

If you’re a visitor or family of visitors to the Outer Banks with a passion for connecting with the wildlife, there’s no place better to do so than the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education. From wild horses to migratory bird species, the Outer Banks hosts a wide variety of incredible creatures to admire, but so does the entirety of the state of North Carolina. Home to everything from black bears and bobcats to elk and armadillos, visitors to the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education can learn about them all during a visit. Admission is always free, and it’s worth keeping an eye on the event calendar as this destination hosts a long lineup of courses, talks, workshops, and more throughout the year. It’s also a great place to get insight into area fishing, hunting, and wildlife exploring. The center is located at 1160 Village Lane in Corolla.

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Wright Brothers National Monument

Aviation has strong historical roots in the Outer Banks and those visitors looking to pay homage to the two individuals who played a massive role in aviation innovation can do so at the Wright Brothers National Monument. Located at 1000 N. Croatan Highway in Kill Devils Hills, the Wright Brothers National Monument is a towering testament to two individuals who dedicated their lives to achieving what seemed like the impossible at the time. A dream of finding a way to fly brought Orville and Wilbur Wright to Kitty Hawk where in December of 1903, they managed to lift off and complete the first successful flight. The monument commemorating their achievements and unending pursuit of flight is open to the public daily between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm for viewing.

Roanoke Island Festival Park

For the ultimate historical and educational experience during a visit to the Outer Banks, a trip to the Roanoke Island Festival Park is an absolute must. Situated at 1, Festival Park in Manteo, North Carolina, the Roanoke Island Festival Park sprawls of 25 acres of land and provides visitors with an opportunity to dive into a hands-on experience as to what life was like for settlers in the area during the 16th century. Complete with an adventure museum, re-created settlement to explore, and full Elizabeth II ship on-site, guests will find it’s easy to step into the past. Interpreters and guides in full era-specific costumes can be found throughout the park to offer up information, answer questions, and demonstrate a few of the daily life activities that would have been commonplace in this time. Ideal for kids and adults alike, this stop is bound to be a highlight of your educational Outer Banks journey.

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Enjoy the Best of the Outer Banks

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