Grab your friends and set sail! The Outer Banks is home to plenty of exciting things to do, but nothing can compare to the thrill of Outer Banks Deep Sea Fishing. Whether you’re a first-time fisherman or a seasoned pro, spending a day out in the open ocean is an experience that you won’t soon forget. The fish species off the Atlantic Coast are diverse and plentiful, guaranteeing that your next outing is a successful one. Before your excursion, don’t forget to download our complimentary vacation guide. Full of the Outer Banks’ best restaurants, attractions, and events, our expertly crafted guide is the key to building your dream vacation!

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About Outer Banks Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing, also known as sport or big game fishing, is just like fishing in the pond behind your house except it takes place miles offshore, the fish are ten times as big, and it’s twice as fun! The types of fish species that you can catch won’t be found at a pier or in the more shallow waters near land.

In the Outer Banks, deep sea fishing is perfect for catching sharks, tuna, marlin, swordfish, and plenty more. This form of fishing requires the fishermen to be quick on their feet and fairly strong because certain species can quickly get away and put up quite a battle. Some fishermen use nets while others spread bait and hook each fish individually.

Most deep-sea species are relatively large and require years to mature. As a result, there are limitations on how many fish are allowed to be caught per fisherman. There are usually federal regulations when it comes to deep sea fishing to make sure that these large species don’t become overfished and endangered.

Outer Banks Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Many people will choose a charter when they go deep sea fishing out of convenience. Many fishing charters offer all the gear required, and all you need to bring is your sunscreen, some drinks, and lunch.

Godspeed Charters

Aboard the Godspeed with Captain David Wilson for an unforgettable day on the water. The fishing depends on the season. If you’re visiting during the cooler months, such as March, April, October, and November, boats tend to bring in the most yellowfin tuna compare to the rest of the year. For a full day of Outer Banks deep sea fishing, the Godspeed typically leaves around first light and returns around 4:00 pm. Rates depend on the time of year and the current fuel price, which is the primary cause of price fluctuation. If the weather is bad and the boat is unable to sail, you will have the option of rescheduling or receiving a refund. Once you return to shore and the boat is docked you can find the fish cleaning service which will fillet and bag your catch. The price for this service is per pound, so if your cost is high, you’ll be eating delicious fresh caught fish for a long time!

Dreamgirl Charters

Much like Godspeed Charters, Dreamgirl Charters offers a day full of fishing fun. The current captain, Jason Snead, has been fishing his entire life and he’s been Captain of the Dreamgirl since 2004. For offshore fishing, the Dreamgirl leaves the dock around 5:30 am and returns around 4:30 pm. The morning of your trip, Captain Snead will let you know what is biting and the expected weather so you are fully prepared.

Tipping your mate on your charter is definitely not required, but it is encouraged. Think of it like tipping a waitress, if you had a great day, then 15-20% is usually customary.

Where to Stay in the Outer Banks

After an adventurous day at sea, sit back and relax at one of our beautiful vacation rentals here at Shoreline OBX. Whether you’re a new vacationer to the Outer Banks or you know the area like the back of your hand, you are guaranteed to have a vacation you’ll never want to forget.

For example, you can enjoy life by the beach in the beautiful “Nirvana” vacation rental. This oceanfront property features a private heated pool, a hot tub, and a short walk to the beach. Wish the sun good morning as it sets sail over the Atlantic Ocean from your own secluded porch, and enjoy easy access to all of the area’s most exciting things to do. It’s never too early to start planning the getaway of your dreams!

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