Just beyond the Eastern Seaboard is the vast Atlantic Ocean, which teems with a variety of aquatic wildlife waiting to be discovered. Moreover, our barrier islands provide the perfect gateway to your on-the-water adventures and to a plethora of thrilling activities. One of the best ways to experience the great outdoors on your Shoreline OBX vacation is booking a tour with one of the Outer Banks fishing charters. Offering stellar packages and outstanding trips, you’re sure to love your time on the water!

While there are many Outer Banks fishing charters to book an experience with, consult our free Vacation Guide for more information about the top ones. You’ll also receive our recommendations for the best things to do and other outdoor activities to enjoy. Get your guide today!

Outer Banks Fishing Charters: A Snapshot of Your Journey

The perfect trip for the whole family this spring or summer, the Outer Banks fishing charters provides you an inclusive experience by providing you the opportunity to cast a line. Before you go, pack some food, sunscreen, drinks, a camera, and seasick remedies (just in case). We hope you have a wonderful time exploring the Atlantic with these companies!

About the Many Charters

If you’re new to fishing on the Outer Banks, we recommend having one of the expert guides to help you navigate the waters. These licensed thrillseekers assist you in creating the best adventure possible, along with helping you understand the rules and regulations of the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries. You’ll receive a pre-departure safety explantation and a quick lesson about using the equipment. The guides also closely monitor the Outer Banks Fishing Report, the tides, time of day, and the winds because each of those factors will determine the odds of catching fish!

The top OBX fishing charters in the Oregon Inlet and Outer Banks inshore fishing charters include:

  • Salt Minded Fishing Charters | Wanchese
  • Outer Banks Fishing Charters | Wanchese
  • Wild Card Sport Fishing Charters | Wanchese
  • OBX Crabbing & Shrimping Charters | Wanchese
  • Soundside Adventures | Wanchese
  • Overdrawn Charters | Manteo

How to Book Your Experience

Whether you want to go deep-sea fishing in Corolla, NC, or just want to go along for the boat ride, there are many ways to reserve a charter. You may choose to contact the guides directly or through one of the marinas. When you book with the latter, you’ll have easy access to the gift shops, which offers everything you’ll need to take on your adventure. We recommend asking the expert staff their suggestions for top products, especially if you’ve never been on an Outer Banks fishing charters excursion before. Keep in mind – you’ll want to plan your trip at least three months in advance due to the popularity of this pastime!

  • OBX Marina | Wanchese | (252) 473-9991
  • Broad Creek Marina | Wanchese | (252) 473-5344
  • Thicket Lump Marina | Wanchese | (252) 473-4500
  • Wanchese Marina | Wanchese | (252) 473-3247
  • Pirate’s Cove Marina | Manteo | (252) 473-3906
  • Shallowbag Bay Club Marina | Manteo | (252) 473-4946
  • Oregon Inlet Fishing Center | Nags Head | (252) 441-6301
  • Oden’s Dock | Hatteras Village | (252) 986-2555
  • Foster’s Quay | Hatteras Village | (252) 986-2515
  • Hatteras Harbor Marina | Hatteras Village | (252) 986-2166
  • Village Marina | Hatteras Village | (252) 986-2522
  • Teach’s Lair Marina | Hatteras Village | (252) 986-2460
  • Hatteras Landing Marina | Hatteras Village | (252) 986-2077

Outer Banks Headboat Fishing: Another on-the-Water Adventure

You may be wondering, what exactly is head boat fishing? Well, this type of fishing occurs on large boats that take 25- 65 people out for curated fishing trips. These charters offer bait and tackle, and everything you might need on your trip. Head boats are located in the inlets or in near-shore ocean waters and are a great addition to your family vacation!

  • Crystal Dawn | Pirate’s Cove Marina | Manteo | (252) 473-5577
  • Country Girl | Pirate’s Cove Marina | Manteo | (252) 473-5577
  • Miss Broad Creek | Broad Creek Marina | Wanchese | (252) 473-5344
  • Capn Clam | Oden’s Dock | Hatteras Village | (252) 986-2365
  • Miss Oregon Inlet | Oregon Inlet Fishing Center | (252) 441-6301
  • Miss Hatteras | Oden’s Dock |  Hatteras Village | (252) 986-2365
  • Stormy Petrel | Hatteras Landing Marina | (252) 476-9163
  • Miss Ocracoke | Jolly Roger Marina | Ocracoke Island | (252) 928-6060

Relax This Year in A Shoreline OBX Home

After your Outer Banks fishing charters experiences, head back your comfortable Shoreline OBX vacation rental. We offer a great selection of properties just waiting for you to book. As you’re searching for the perfect home, be thinking about the dates for your spring break trips and summer family vacations. We have availability during those seasons, so set your desired time to vacation, and we may have the perfect one to accommodate you. Start planning your Outer Banks trip with Shoreline today!