Choosing or designing a new home is an exciting process. However, with so many options and features available, it can be difficult to determine exactly what you’re looking for in a new home. At Shoreline OBX, we make exploring Outer Banks house plans easy with our “Virtual Tour” option. This feature is available for many of our Real Estate properties for sale, and you can find out exactly how to use it below!

For help deciding what Outer Banks home plan makes sense for you, contact our team of Real Estate experts at Shoreline OBX. With decades of experience in the field, our team is here to help you every step of the way!

4 Steps for Discovering Unique Outer Banks Home Plans

1. Discover Home Plan Styles

If you’re considering buying or building a house in the Outer Banks, you’ll find many incredible home styles from which you can choose, ranging from small coastal cottages to multi-story waterfront mansions. Here are a few of the main home styles you’ll find in the Outer Banks:

  • Coastal/Waterfront – The most popular style of beach and vacation homes, coastal and waterfront-style homes are designed to be suitable near water. Due to coastal flooding, many of these homes are built with higher foundations and water-resistant materials.
  • Ranch – Ranch-style homes are typically built for single families and have one story. The simplicity and size of ranch-style homes make them an affordable option for many home buyers.
  • Condos/Townhomes: Typically stacked on many levels, condos and townhomes are a popular vacation home option in the Outer Banks. Many condos and townhomes share connecting walls, community amenities, and a similar or identical floor plan.

2. Choose a Home to Explore

Start by taking a look at our selection of Outer Banks homes for sale. You can narrow your search to one location or include several locations to browse. If you’re unsure of which area in the Outer Banks is right for you, take a look at our guide on Outer Banks towns and islands. Our advanced property search tool will allow you to narrow your search based on several features including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, MLS areas, when the home was built, subdivisions, and more.

3. Take A Virtual Tour

To explore the house plan of your selected home, locate the “virtual tour” button just underneath the home photos where you can take an in-depth look at the property and view the floor plans. The tour will begin inside the house and you can easily navigate to different rooms. In the lower right-hand corner, you can select different floors of the home. If you select the “Dollhouse” icon on the left side, you can choose the floorplan option, which shows the home from a bird’s-eye view.

This tool allows you tour the house without spending the time it takes to schedule and meet for a viewing! It also allows you to see the home fully furnished to give you an idea of how to fill the space. Our virtual tour is a great option if you’re browsing homes remotely or aren’t currently located in the Outer Banks.

4. Contact us to Schedule a Viewing!

If you find a home that you’d love to further explore, our team is happy to help! Contact us at 252-202-8990 or today to schedule a viewing or get help from one of our Real Estate agents. We can provide you with insight on the best time to guy in the Outer Banks, help you navigate the MLS listings, and more. Contact us today!