Whether this is your first or your umpteenth time traveling with a pet there are things to know to make the journey a stress free one for all concerned. The tips we provide here will make your trip a safer and happier one. As a pet owner it’s your responsibility to keep your animals safe, just like you would do with your children.

When you begin making plans for taking a journey by car be sure to look at our pet friendly rentals in Outer Banks. It’s important to have a place reserved in advance of your arrival so you know what to expect. The Outer Banks are a fabulous place where dogs always have a great time and you’re sure to find the perfect place to stay from among our many assorted Outer Banks pet friendly vacation rentals.

1. Be sure to ensure your pet is road worthy prior to leaving for your vacation. If they get car sick or suffer extreme anxiety in a moving vehicle you’ll need to visit your vet in advance of your trip to see what they recommend.

2. Have your pet up to date on all vaccines and if you’re going to be boarding them at any time while you’re away you’ll need to find out what additional vaccines they may need. Many boarding kennels require dogs have a Bordatella shot before they’ll accept them for boarding.

3. Prior to leaving home, get the names and phone numbers for the closest vets and emergency clinic to where you’ll be staying.

4. When driving in a car with a pet try to contain them in their own space so they’re not wandering around the vehicle. The use of harnesses specially made for vehicles or crates are especially useful. Stop at least every 2 hours so they can get out, walk around, drink some water and relieve themselves.

5. Under no circumstances should you ever leave your pet in a vehicle alone during the warmer months. It takes just minutes for your pet to overheat even if the windows are cracked.

6. Bring your pet’s food dishes, water bowls and all leashes along as well as bedding and favorite toys. While animals are pretty adaptable you’ll want to keep them as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

7. Be sure your pets are wearing ID tags beyond the chips they may have embedded. Ideally you’ll have your cell phone number on the tag so if they should get loose in an unfamiliar neighborhood, someone can contact you.

8. While we have many homes that are pet friendly there are an equal number or more that aren’t. Please be sure the rental you’re reserving are advertising that they are indeed a pet friendly rental.

With New Year’s Eve here there are many animals that are especially terrified of the sound of fireworks. If you know this to be the case, we recommend you stay close to your pets during this time. Distracting them with the sound of music and/or the TV is sometimes helpful. There are also homeopathic medications and other devices that your pet may find useful. We’d like to wish all of you (including your pets) a very safe and happy New Year!