The biologically rich and diverse region that is the Outer Banks of North Carolina will strike you with its natural beauty and tranquility. While you may want to get out and explore the area, the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education makes it easy with everything all in one wonderful facility. Let the center take you through the lush ecosystems, unique natural history, and exhibit marine life, too. You’re going to love the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education! Here’s what you’ll see there!

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Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education Has it All

At the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education, you’ll find everything from interesting displays featuring the vegetation and wildlife of the area to a below-the-surface look into marine life you won’t find anywhere else. The center truly covers it all when it comes to the natural world that is North Carolina’s Outer Banks. So, come, discover these interesting exhibits!

Outboard Motor Display

For outdoorsmen, especially anglers and boaters, the outboard motor display is something of a trip down memory lane. Here, you’ll get up close and personal with vintage outboard motors, much like a vintage car show for car buffs. These outboard motors reflect not only the advancement of technology, but the importance of travel, commerce, and fishing have been for the Outer Banks region.

Banker Horses

One of the most famous reasons for exploring the wilder places of the Outer Banks, the banker horses are a herd of wild horses descendent of horses brought over by the Spanish. That means they’ve been here for over 500 years! While at the center you won’t see these horses, and an in-depth look at their story will inspire you to try to see them in their natural habitat!

Plan a Visit to the Center During Your Outer Banks Vacation

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